What We Do

Put simply, we do anything and everything that involves using sponsorship as a marketing tool. We help our clients find solutions to the problems and challenges they encounter every day, whether that means analyzing a potential opportunity, re-negotiating a struggling partnership, or developing creative ways to activate a partnership.

Most of our work is for corporations, but over the years, we have selectively worked for a number of properties as well. We are discerning about which properties we work for so that there is never a conflict of interest. We’ve found that our clients, both corporate and property, find our expertise on both sides of the table to be a major advantage.


Our work looks different based on the specific needs of each client. Specifically, we help our clients:

  • Manage their sponsorship inventory
  • Create a realistic sponsorship budget
  • Enhance and refine their sponsorship portfolio
  • Develop an effective activation plan

In some cases, our clients rely on us for general consulting because they either don’t know where to start, or they need a “bigger picture” approach. In these situations, we can assist in the development of a corporate sponsorship strategy that aligns with their regional/local strategy, help develop an overall strategic approach to sponsorship, or evaluate the best potential sponsorship options in a crowded marketplace.

Negotiation Negotiation

Our work here runs the gamut from acting as a behind the scenes resource to a lead negotiator who manages the process, drafts contractual language to integrate into the master agreement, works with procurement, etc. We have helped our clients avoid the pitfalls of poorly structured agreements, as well as renegotiated contracts to more accurately meet our clients’ goals, or even brokered an exit from a contract that was no longer relevant or cost-effective.

We have negotiated with nearly every major property in the country, and a few international ones as well. At any given time, we are typically involved in negotiations with a number of teams in the professional leagues, or with the leagues themselves:

  • MLB
  • MLS
  • NBA
  • NFL
  • NHL
  • LPGA

We have also negotiated with a host of colleges, universities, cultural institutions, endurance events, ski resorts, entertainment venues, minor league sports, zoos, museums, etc.

Activation Activation

Sponsorship activation is where the rubber really meets the road. Fresh activation concepts and innovative ways to reach the target audience will “bring the sponsorship to life” and help it stand out in a sea of signage and static messaging.

Tigris can help clients throughout the entire activation process, including:

  • Developing and vetting unique concepts
  • Working with the property to ensure buy-in and establish feasibility
  • Designing creative elements and helping in the fulfillment process
  • Coordinating between vendors and other agencies to ensure seamless execution
  • Setting benchmarks for performance
  • Refining the concepts throughout the process to ensure success
  • Identifying measurable goals and KPIs
  • Assisting the property in gathering data
  • Measuring the effort and reporting results

Measurement Measurement

With considerable experience in sponsorship evaluation and metrics, Tigris is well positioned to assist clients who seek greater accountability for their sponsorship investments. One of the key tools of our trade is our SEI model.

SEI Model: After more than a decade of evaluating, negotiating and activating these agreements, we believe we have developed the industry’s most comprehensive, accurate and actionable Return on Investment tool. We call it the Sponsorship Effectiveness Index (SEI), and while many of our clients say our SEI dashboard is aesthetically unique, they all say it is empirically superior. Our strategies and tactical execution are the reason we are hired, but the SEI dashboard provides the proof of sponsorship performance that can easily be presented in the boardroom.

Our SEI Model is built on complex algorithms, but essentially, it:

  • Utilizes proprietary ROI tools and analytics to quantify each sponsorship’s returns and its impact on the bottom line;
  • Charts the performance of each specific sponsorship against all others within a brand’s portfolio;
  • Incorporates tailored market research conducted in house (attendee and B2B) to gauge the impact of a sponsorship in the minds of the target audience; and
  • Evaluates sponsorship opportunities based on the everyday realities of the marketplace.
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