What We Do

Put simply, we do anything and everything that involves using sponsorship as a marketing tool. We help our clients find solutions to the problems and challenges they encounter every day, whether that means analyzing a potential opportunity, re-negotiating a struggling partnership, or developing creative ways to activate a partnership.

Most of our work is for corporations, but over the years, we have selectively worked for a number of properties as well. We are discerning about which properties we work for so that there is never a conflict of interest. We’ve found that our clients, both corporate and property, find our expertise on both sides of the table to be a major advantage.


We collaborate with our clients and provide strategic insight, including:

  • Sponsorship relevance and brand alignment
  • Asset mix evaluation
  • Opportunity analysis
  • National, regional or local alignment
  • Geographic footprint/coverage
  • Portfolio timeline and seasonality

We relish the challenge of helping a client take a big picture look at the current state of its sponsorship program and finding ways to enhance or improve it.  When it comes to this consulting work, it looks different for each individual client.  Some clients want to understand from a third party if their sponsorship program is hitting the mark – whereas others simply want to know where to start.

Because our experience is grounded in years of working with clients to meet and exceed their sponsorship goals, we are uniquely positioned to develop strategy that delivers.

Negotiation Negotiation

Utilizing data and insights from years of experience negotiating deals and measuring sponsorship, we are able to help our clients avoid the pitfalls of poorly structured agreements, as well as renegotiate contracts to more accurately meet our clients’ goals, or even broker an exit from a contract that is no longer relevant or cost-effective.

Our negotiation work runs the gamut from acting as a behind the scenes resource to a lead negotiator to manage the process, draft contractual language to integrate into the master agreement, work with procurement, etc.

Our negotiation expertise is based on years of real-world experience sitting across the table from properties in nearly every corner of the industry.  At any given time, we are typically involved in negotiations with a number of teams in the professional leagues, or with the leagues themselves.  We have also negotiated with scores of colleges, universities, cultural institutions, endurance events, ski resorts, entertainment venues, minor league sports, zoos, museums, etc.

Activation Activation

Sponsorship activation is where the rubber really meets the road.  Fresh activation concepts and unique experiences are the lifeblood of sponsorship and help a brand stand out.  Tigris believes the most effective activation is the kind that fully engages a brand’s target audience.

We help our clients through the entire activation process, starting with creating and vetting “big ideas” all the way through ensuring every last detail is right.  We begin with the end in mind, so we can be certain that even the most creative and inventive concepts are grounded in reality and are aligned with our client’s goals.

Throughout the process, we work with the property to gain buy-in and establish feasibility, we coordinate with other agencies and vendors to guarantee a seamless process, and we refine the concepts as needed in real time.  Whether this means designing the creative, helping with fulfillment, or making sure we are meeting performance benchmarks, we are skilled at utilizing activation to make our clients’ sponsorships work harder.

Execution Execution

Sometimes creating a comprehensive sponsorship vision can be the easy part (or at least the fun part); the challenge is making it happen every single day.  Luckily, we have been working in the industry a long time and understand the “ins and outs” of what is possible, and we are experts in making sure that properties deliver on their promises.  We can handle the logistics and all of the daily tasks that are required to ensure the partnership is successful.  This includes:

  • Working within the benefits outlined in the contract – and agreed upon timelines – for major sponsorship promotions and in-market activation efforts
  • Using punch lists in order to monitor every detail of a sponsorship, or in more complex sponsorships, utilizing online tools to help with trafficking and managing creative deadlines
  • Leading or supporting the development of a consistent creative design strategy to be used across all mediums and coordinating the creative deliverables
  • Providing useful information about benefits, trigger dates, and fulfilment
  • Understanding the sponsorship’s KPI’s and ensuring the property is prepared to provide the necessary data and results
  • Monitoring in-venue activity to see firsthand if sponsorship benefits are being delivered as promised and are successfully engaging attendees
  • Providing on-going recommendations for optimization of sponsorship benefits to ensure maximum efficiencies and impact
  • Leading communication efforts and holding regular status meetings with each sponsorship property to discuss current assets and upcoming promotional elements
  • Monitoring budgets and helping to ensure sponsorship activation remains within budgetary guidelines

Measurement Measurement

With considerable experience in sponsorship evaluation and metrics, Tigris is well positioned to assist clients who seek greater accountability for their sponsorship investments.

After more than a decade of evaluating, negotiating and activating sponsorship agreements, we believe we have developed the industry’s most comprehensive, accurate and actionable Return on Investment tool.  Our clients consistently tell us that the dashboards we deliver are an invaluable tool to help them holistically evaluate each partnership in their portfolio.

Our Sponsorship Performance Measurement model is a multi-dimensional approach that results in a customized dashboard specifically tailored to each client’s Key Performance Indicators:

  • Utilizes proprietary ROI tools and analytics to quantify each sponsorship’s returns and its impact on the bottom line;
  • Charts the performance of each specific sponsorship against all others within a brand’s portfolio;
  • Incorporates tailored market research conducted in house (attendee and B2B) to gauge the impact of a sponsorship in the minds of the target audience; and
  • Evaluates sponsorship opportunities based on the everyday realities of the marketplace.

This work allows us to analyze the impact a sponsorship has on the client’s brand as well as its business and gives us valuable insight into any areas that need improvement in order to optimize the partnership.

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